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What is New Age Capital?

    New Age Capital is the new way to finance your business. Traditionally there were two mechanisms to fund your company, bootstrapping and venture capital funding, however both are limited, either in terms of scale or business control. Now there is an alternative: New Age Capital.

    This is a flexible funding model that focuses on crowd-funding and angel investments. Crowd-funding is a new word for an old idea – a group of people coming together to finance a project, venture, or cause they believe in. It is about putting returning power to the hands of citizens, and asking how can your business best serve the needs of the community? In the new age capital economy you do more than transact with a customer, you begin building a long-term relationship. When someone invests in your campaign they are doing more than investing in your idea, they are investing in you too.

    Do you have a project that your community supports? Let Chagpar & Associates be your conduit to New Age Capital process to help finance your next project or growth phase.

    Core Services

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      Crowdfunding - Products & Causes

      With Crowdfunding for Products & Causes, you’re able to ensure buy-in from your target audience before taking more risk in investing in your digital marketing campaigns to generate awareness.

    • Angel Investment & Financing

      Financing is a crucial component of a start-ups success; especially in the first five years. Whether through debt-consolidation or angel investment through advisory equity, accelerator & incubator programs; its important to know and understand all the options that exist in order to make the best decision moving forward.

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      Crowdfunding - Equity & Investment

      Once you have passed the trademark-ability and patentability test; C&A will assist you in crowdfunding for equity based on metrics and criteria that meet and excede your startup requirements.

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